Trident Arms Walther P22 Review

Walther P22 Review

The Walther P22 is great value for the money.  At under $350, you get a dependable .22LR plinker that is age and gender friendly and really cheap to shoot. 


Finish: black polymer
Action: blowback semi-auto
Caliber: .22 LR
Barrel length:3.43”
Dimensions: L 6.3”, H 4.5”, W 1.1”
Weight:15.1 oz (w/o magazine)
Sights:3-dot adjustable (front elevation by substitution, rear windage by screwdriver)
Trigger:SA 4.85 lbs/DA 12.35 lbs

I purchased one of these last year to teach my 11 year old daughter how to shoot a handgun.  She has spent the last couple of years becoming proficient with a Ruger 10/22 rifle and was ready to step-up to a handgun.  The small grip and the light weight of the Walther was a perfect choice.  It’s easy to operate and not as intimidating as a full sized semi-auto making it a great introductory gun.  I’ve successfully used this gun to instruct several new students with very positive results.

What you get:

Walther P22 Pistol
Two different grips
3 Interchangeable plastic front sights
1 front sight cap - makes the sight flush
Plastic key for the trigger lock
Barrel wrench
1 factory 10 round magazine
Plastic assembly guide pin
Owner’s manual
Factory spent round
Plastic case

The P22 is constructed of a synthetic cast polymer frame with zinc alloy frame receiver inserts made from metal injection moldings. The barrel is two parts consisting of an outer steel sleeve and a threaded steel barrel insert held together with a barrel nut. The design and quality of the P22 is good, but not great, however, considering what you get its great value for the money.

The gun is truly ambidextrous with its magazine release and safety on both sides of the gun making it convenient for either left or right hand shooters.  The ambidextrous safety is located on the left and right sides of the slide and in my opinion is the weakest part of the gun. I haven’t experienced any issues with mine (yet) but plan to keep a close eye on it.  The Magazine release is built into the finger guard making it easily accessible for any shooter, especially someone with small hands.  The Walther has an interchangeable grip and sight system that can be easily changed to fit the needs and comfort of the shooter.  The only drawback I have found is with the gun is the dependency of a plastic guide pin that is required during the reassembly process as it can be a bit tricky to master.  The threaded barrel nut is removable and can be replaced with an adapter to extend the threads for attaching a suppressor.  I use a Gemtech Outback II Suppressor; it’s a great marriage for this gun making it stupid quiet and fun to shoot.  My daughter really loves shooting it suppressed.  I suppose it’s because of the reduction in sound.. Right…. 

The factory magazine holds 10 rounds and has the finger rest butt plate.  It has a magazine button that depresses the follower and spring making it very easy to load.  I recommend that you pick up additional magazines; I got mine online for about $25 ea. After all, it’s better to shoot than to load.

I’ve shot several thousand rounds through it without any notable malfunctions.  It does seem to hang up every now and then while shooting suppressed requiring an additional squeeze of the trigger to fire the round, especially if I’m shooting standard velocity rounds.  The P22 seems to prefer the heavy, high velocity round and I highly recommend the use of premium ammunition.  Using cheap ammo will result in heartache and frustration. 

I have not experienced any major issues with my P22, however If you are experiencing problems, then I recommend downloading the most recent copy of the “Walther P22 Bible” available through Rimfirecentral.  This contains numerous fixes and modifications and will help give you an insight into what is causing them. 

In Summary:  This is a dependable .22LR plinker that is age and gender friendly and cheap to shoot.  I highly recommend it.
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