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Our training is provided through Trident Arms Training Group.  Our training philosophy is simple; provide our students with the proper combat mindset, tactics and precise marksmanship training they will need to survive a deadly conflict.  Our approach is hands on and reality based.  We draw on the collective experiences of our cadre and instructors to achieve this.  Our cadre are not only chosen for their vast knowledge and experience but many of them are still active operators.  If you want to learn from the best military shooters in the industry, book your class now.  We provide comprehensive instruction in a variety of disciplines from basic safety and firearms handling skills through personal defense and advanced tactical combat courses.

We offer several courses and levels of training:

Basic Courses
Florida Concealed Weapons Permit Training Course (CCW)
Firearms Safety Course - One day
Basic Handgun - One day
Basic Rifle - One day

Level I Training Courses
Tactical Handgun I - One day
Defensive Handgun - & practical close personal protection (concealed carry) - One day
Tactical Rifle I - One day

Level II Training Courses
Tactical Rifle II - Two days

Level III Training Courses
Tactical Rifle III - Two days
NFA Title II advanced courses (full auto combat shooting)
- NFA Basic - One day
- NFA Tac I - Two days
- NFA Tac II - Two days

TRAINING SCHEDULE - All courses must be registered in advance.  Call us today
Tactical Weapon Systems
FFL/SOT - Class 3 NFA Manufacturer & Dealer

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AUG, 2013
  Friday, Aug 30
Firearms Safety
Concealed Weapons Course (CCW)
Saturday, Aug 31
Firearms Safety
Tactical Handgun