Trident Arms Slipstream Review

Slipstream Weapons Lubricant Review
Product Review:  Slipstream Weapons Lubricant & Slipstream Weapons Grease

Slipstream is a synthetic lubricant that contains an added dry nano-lubricant that is small enough to stay in the pores of the metal and keep working long after the oil is cooked off.   Technology and lubricants have evolved significantly over the past years and simply put synthetic lubricants are far superior to their predecessors. 

The product arrived in a “bubble mailer” protective package. Included was a product brochure. Containers are appropriate for both products contents, especially with the added “steel shot” in the lubricant - very helpful for mixing the lubricant.
I started out by selecting a weapon to test the product.  I chose a NIB Kimber Ultra Raptor II chambered in .45 ACP.  The Ultra Raptor is a custom built 1911 compact semi-auto pistol.  It is a recoil operated autoloader, with a 3”ramped match grade stainless steel bull barrel that is fitted directly to the slide.  The Ultra Raptor has an alloy slide and a steel frame, beavertail grip safety and single-action operation. 
I selected this weapon particularly for Kimber’s tight tolerances. I started out by completely disassembling the gun; this was also a good time to perform a thorough inspection of the weapons mechanics and admire the workmanship of this beautiful gun.  I used MPro7 to thoroughly clean all previous lubricants and applied the Slipstream Weapons Lubricant to all of the mechanical parts and barrel.  We hit the range with several boxes of PMC Bronze 185gr JHP and 230gr FMJ.  The weapon and the lubrication functioned flawlessly.  What a great gun to shoot.
The lubricant came in real handy as I had a lubrication issue with one of my suppressed AR-15’s while shooting M855 ball ammo during a recent shoot.  For some reason, I had grabbed the bottle of Slipstream Weapons Lubricant from my bench and tossed it into my range bag before leaving the shop.  We had sent close to 300 rounds down range when we started experiencing a “sticky” bolt and then feed problems.  I quickly recognized the root problem.  My oil had cooked off.  A suppressed weapon has a significant amount of gas feeding back through the bolt assembly causing excessive fouling, debris and friction.  This area really requires extra attention during the cleaning and lubrication process.
I pulled out the magazine and cleared the weapon.  This thing was dirty.  I disassembled the AR and wiped everything down that I could reach and applied the slipstream lubricant to my bolt and charging handle. This quickly resolved my lubrication issue and we sent another 300 rounds down range with no further malfunctions.  Surprisingly the Slipstream worked well on the dirty bolt and assembly while still in the field.  This will become a welcome addition to my range bag. 
In summary:  This is a quality product that is field tested.  I would definitely recommend Slipstream Weapons Lubricant and will start using it on all of my weapons.

Slipstream is available from Crusader Weaponry www.crusaderweaponry.com
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