Trident Arms Sig Sauer P226 Review

This is a review on the Sig Sauer P226.  This is a true combat weapon and was designed strictly for business.  This is the pistol that set the standard by which all other combat handguns are measured.  Today the P226 is in use by the Navy SEALs, Federal agents, and numerous law enforcement agencies across the US.

I was first introduced to the P226 in the early 90's while I was in the Navy.  This was the duty weapon assigned to me and as such, I really got to know it very well.  I have owned several of these over the years and always seem to gravitate back to one.  It is a superbly accurate and very rugged gun.   It is very easy to disassemble and reassemble.  Its 4.4" barrel yields better ballistic performance and accuracy than its other counterparts.

MAG CAP:     
4.4 inches
Double action 10 lbs/single action 4.4 lbs
SRT (short reset trigger)
SIGLIT Night Sights
9mm (9x19mm Parabellum)
34 ounces (w/o magazine)
8.2 inches
Black hard anodized, Nitron slide
Staggered, 15+1 or 17+1
I purchased a new P226 Elite in October, 2007.  Since then, I have pushed well over 75,000 rounds through it without incident or any major malfunctions.  The gun is easy to handle and operate.

This is a full size gun, so if you have small hands, this is probably not the gun for you.  Also, since it is a full size gun, not the best for concealed carry.
The P226 Elite has an ergonomic extended beavertail and comes standard with rosewood grips, front cocking serrations, front strap checkering, accessory rail, decocking lever, SIGLIT Night Sights, and a short reset trigger (SRT).  SIG engineers designed the SRT to provide the same safety and action of the SIG DA/SA trigger with a reset that is 60% shorter for faster trigger return during high speed shooting.

After firing over 40,000 rounds through it, I'm starting to see some wear marks on the slide rail and the barrel but have not noticed any decrease in the guns performance or accuracy.
I've had to perform some basic maintenance to it by replacing my recoil spring and a wornout takedown lever that seperated at the attachement pin.  I finally opted to replace the recoil spring and guide with a Spinco Recoil Management Rod System.  This is an excellent recoil reducer and I highly recommend this replacement system for your Sig.
Before I even fired it, I removed the rosewood grips and replaced them with Hogue Rubber Wraparound Grips.  This is a split rubber grip with 3 finger grooves.  And in my opinion, they are the absolute best and most comfortable aftermarket grips made for the P226 and an absolute must have addition for this gun.  My hands just seem to like the feel.  It’s kinda like that feeling you get from an old pair of broken in boots.  Just pure comfort.
I have shot just about every type of ammo through it without any notable problems.  My preferred round for paper are Berry's Manufacturing 115gr RN DS hand loads.  After years of practice, have mastered my recipe (we'll cover reloading in another segment).  I crank these out by the thousands on my Dillon XL 650 reloading press.  This is an awesome machine.  You load ammo and get a workout at the same time.  It would be even better if it did it on its own.  Several years ago, I toured a Tampa factory that makes a frangible training round that had some really cool fully automated hydraulic loading presses.  If Dillon ever manufactures one of these, I'll be one of their first customers.
                                                Last year I purchased a Match Grade EFK Fire Dragon Ported Barrel (these are made from 416 stainless and are vacuum heat treated) to see if it would increase my accuracy at all.  Mind you, I'm a pretty darn good shot without it, but am always looking for that additional edge for competition.  I figured the additional 7/8" of barrel and the top porting would surely increase my accuracy.  Well, I'm not really sold on this barrel as I didn't see any positive changes that would justify buying one.  Also, the stamping is uneven giving me the impression their quality control is lacking.  So, in my opinion, put your money into ammo and practice, practice, practice.

Sig Suppressor Talk

I recently purchased a 13.5x1LH threaded barrel from Sig and a Linear Inertial Decoupler (LID) from Gemtech, so I could attach my Gemtech MM9 9mm Multimount suppressor.  Once again, I like to keep my suppressors interchangeable between my various guns; this was the premise behind the Multimount purchase.  This is not an ideal setup for this gun, but it does function as it should.  However, I have two issues with this setup.
1.  The Sig barrel has left handed threads (as most European guns do).  The suppressor's LID screws into a right handed suppressor.  This is where the issue is.  As you tighten the suppressor, the LID wants to unscrew from the barrel and vice versa.  Not a good thing to have happen after you have sent a
few rounds through it and the suppressor is hot enough to fry an egg on it. Lock tight is not an option as you need to remove the LID from the barrel when you shoot un-suppressed.  The .50 cent solution would be for Sig to manufacture a barrel with right hand threads for the U.S. market.  Wow, what a concept.  Then the suppressor manufactures wouldn’t get to sell you that oddball left handed LID that only fits your Euro barrels….

2.  My other issue is the sights are now buried by the suppressors LID.  I suppose I could install a pair of extended height sights, but this is not really what I want to do.  My other option would be to just leave it alone and live with the problem, It's not like I'm shooting suppressed all of the time...
Sig Sauer P226 Review
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