Trident Arms Sellier Bellot Match 308 Ammo Review

Sellier & Bellot Match .308 Ammo Review
Earlier this month, I was contacted by Heidi with Luckygunner.com an internet ammunition supplier that supplies competitively priced ammo.  They have a great website and even breakout the prices per round. Well, I jumped at the opportunity and Heidi sent me a couple of boxes of their Sellier & Bellot’s .308 168gr HPBT Match grade ammo to review.

I was a little skeptical at first, and wasn’t even aware they produced match grade ammo. I had used their 9mm ammo without any problems in my Sig & my Glock. But again, these two guns will shoot just about anything with a primer.  But my Suppressed P308 is a 6k plus rifle system and I’m pretty particular what I feed it. Nevertheless, I thought this was a good time to put this rifle system to the test and see what kind of results I could get.
Information:  Sellier & Bellot is a Czech ammunition manufacturer that has been in business since 1825 and is one of the oldest companies in the world!

Technical Data:    Sellier & Bellot - Match .308 win HPBT 168gr

Performance Rating:  5 of 5

Recommendation: Highly Recommend This Product
The Weapon:  Patriot Ordnance Factory 20” P308 SPR, Leupold Mark 4 2.5-8x36 MR/T M1 Scope and a Gemtech Quicksand 7.62mm Titanium Suppressor.
Before I left the house, I decided to really test this ammo out and do a comparison with some match grade ammo that I was familiar with, so I grabbed a couple of boxes of Hornady Match .308 win 168gr BTHP.  This is a relatively compatible round with roughly the same ballistic properties and should provide me with some solid results.

I loaded 2 magazines with 20 rounds each of the Sellier & Bellot - Match .308 win 168gr HPBT; and 2 magazines with the Hornady - Match .308 win 168gr BTHP.

I warmed my barrel up with 5 shots using my personal hand loads. This allowed me to verify my scope and make adjustments and it ensured that neither round would have the advantage of the cold bore shot.

I ran one of the Sellier & Bellot magazines through and all 20 shots were dead on and within 3 - 4” of each other.  Not bad. I then ran a Hornady magazine through and again, all of the shots were within 3 - 4” of each other. Again, not bad.

I let my rifle and suppressor cool off for 20 - 30 minutes and repeated the process again.  This time, the wind had picked up and the shots started becoming pretty challenging.  It appeared the S&B was more consistent.  In retrospect, I should have used two plates, one plate for each type of ammo. Oh, well, lessons learned. But after 90 shots, it just might have been the shooter…

The damage to the plate was undeniable. Several rounds completely punched thru the 3/8 steel and severely warped the plate itself.  I’d sure hate to be on the receiving end of one of these rounds.
In conclusion: The S&B Match ammo had zero malfunctions and performed better than I had expected.  I can honestly say that I underestimated it and would definitely recommend it.
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