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"Do you want a suppressor or an SBR?"
If you've been wanting to get into NFA Items like suppressors or a Short Barrel Rifle (SBR)?  Then you'll want to checkout my articles & documentation on the BATF submission & approval process.  BATF Form 1 & BATF Form 4.

This will give you a step-by-step look at what it takes to get them approved and the documentation that you will need as well as the approximate times that it takes to receive the approvals.
POF P308 20" Gas Piston AR-10 Rifle Review.
In this article,  I’ve written a review on a Patriot Ordnance Factory (POF) P308 20" Gas Piston AR-10 Rifle.

This is a gas piston AR-10 that's very dependable and accurate.

"This is one of my favorite rifles to shoot in the 7.62mm (.308) caliber family"

Pictured here with a Gemtech Quicksand
Titanium Suppressor.  It just doesn't
get any better than that!!!
Slipstream Weapons Lubricant Test & Review.
We put Slipstream Weapons Lubricant to a test on a new Custom Kimber Ultra Raptor II chambered in .45 ACP.  And then threw a suppressed AR-15 at it!

This is a great product.  Nano Synthetic Weapons Lubricant.  Need we say more? This is serious oil for your weapon.
Hangun Reviews
Sig Sauer P226
Review on the Sig Sauer P226.

This is a true combat weapon and was designed strictly for business.  This is the pistol that set the standard by which all other combat handguns are measured.
Bersa Thunder 380
In this article,  I’ve written a review on the Bersa Thunder 380.

Small, compact, and in my opinion, unreliable.
Glock 19
This is a review of the Glock 19.

This is a great carry gun, well made and dependable.  I was really impressed with the guns performance.
Glock 19 Gen 4
Kimber Ultra Raptor II
This is a review of Kimber Ultra Raptor II.

.45 ACP in a compact carry model. Second to none with all the stopping power you need when it counts. This is one sexy gun!!!
Walther P22
This is a review of the Walther P22.

Great value for the money.  At under $350, you get a dependable .22LR plinker that is age and gender friendly, fun and really cheap to shoot.

Ammo Reviews
Sellier & Bellot Match .308 168gr HPBT Ammo
We recently had an opportunity to conduct a review on Sellier & Bellot’s Match .308 HPBT 168gr ammo.
Video Reviews
POF P416 test fire using a Gemtech G5 Suppressor and Federal 5.56 mm 62gr M855 ball ammo
Spikes 9mm upper test fire using a Gemtech Multimount Suppressor and 147gr Subsonic ammo
Sig Sauer Blaser Tactical 2 Precision Rifle Review.
Chambered in .300 Win Mag.  This is by far one of the most accurate rifles in my collection.  This is a very impressive weapon.  A true precision tack driver designed specifically for the tactical community.

The Tactical 2 rifle is a German take down sniper rifle used specifically by German and Dutch police forces as well as the Australian military and special police units.

This is a review of the Glock 19 Gen 4.

We did a comparison of the differences between the Gen 3 and the Gen 4 models.
This is a review of the Walther PK380

The Walther PK380 is value priced at under $400.00, handles easily and provides a reasonable alternative to the many “micro-pistols” in the .380 ACP family.
Walther PK380
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I mounted this upper on my P416 lower as an alternate SBR upper and absolutely fell in love with it!  Coupled with my Gemtech G5 suppressor, it's a marriage made in SBR heaven.  It performed flawlessly and accurately and is well worth the $200 Tax Stamp.
POF P415/P416 9" SBR Upper
The following product reviews are our personal opinions and may not reflect the views of the product manufacturers, product distributors, retailers or other consumers.  We do not receive compensation in any way for our evaluations.
Here is a 9 inch Short Barrel Riffle (SBR) Piston Upper for the AR 15 platform.  Short, light, and ready for action.  And let me tell you, this baby rocks!!!  Once you go piston, you'll never go back to a gas impingement system again.
Tactical Weapon Systems
FFL/SOT - Class 3 NFA Manufacturer & Dealer

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This is a review of the Walther PK380

The Walther PK380 is value priced at under $400.00, handles easily and provides a reasonable alternative to the many “micro-pistols” in the .380 ACP family.
Walther PK380
This is a comparative review of the Ruger LC9 and the Beretta Nano compact 9mm handguns.
Ruger LC9 vs Beretta Nano