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We manufacture and stock a wide variety of weapons and accessories.  We believe that “You’re only as good as the equipment you bring to the fight!!!”   With that philosophy  in mind, we build our weapons with the best quality parts and coatings available on the market.  If you don't see what you are looking for, give us a call and let us design a custom gun for you.  We can Cerekote or hydro wrap just about any weapon in just about any color or design. 
AR-9 Colt Pattern Bravo FDE Rail 10 1/2" Barrel SBR
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Glock Pattern Alpha Rail 5-5 Barrel SBR with Suppressor - Side view
TA-15 B1316556 full length
Colt Pattern AR-9 w/VLTOR Bravo Upper
Colt Pattern FDE AR-9 SBR w/VLTOR Bravo Upper
Suppressed Glock Pattern AR-9 SBR w/VLTOR Alpha Upper
Trident Arms AR-15 w/A4 Upper
Trident Arms AR-15 w/A4 Bravo Upper
Remington 700 SPS Tactical
Trident Arms AR-15 w/A4 Intimidator 556 Upper
Muddy Girl Kel-Tec P32
We stock a full assortment of Class III NFA SBR's, SBS's, AOW's, suppressors and Machineguns. ALL NFA RULES APPLY.  We do not sell our guns on the internet. To purchase a gun, you must contact our store during normal business hours. Guns must be transferred to an FFL or picked up in our store.

Please note that this is a partial list - we do not list all of our products due to inventory turn-over.
Can I legally own an SBR, Suppressor or a Machinegun? YES you can! Click here to see our NFA FAQ page
Call or visit us today for our current inventory (813) 374-9131
TA-15 Stripped Lower
TA-15 Complete Lower Standard
TA-15 Complete Lower Magpul Upgrade
Trident Arms Lowers
We are a Class III NFA Tampa gun store and firearms manufacturer.  Yes we have guns and firearms for sale.  We specialize in tactical weapons and tactical products like the AR-15, 9mm AR (Glock & Colt), .40 Cal AR, .45ACP AR, AR-10, AK-47, Saiga 12 shotgun, long range rifles, sniper rifles, hunting rifles, custom rifles, handguns, custom handguns (Glock, Sig Sauer, 1911's, etc.), gun parts, gun accessories, optics, ATF NFA items (machine guns, Short Barrel Rifles (SBR), Short Barrel Shotguns (SBS), Suppressors, gun coatings (cerkote and hydrographic dipping).
Trident Arms Lowers
Custom Saiga 12 SBS
Saiga Custom SBS
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Tactical Weapon Systems
FFL/SOT - Class 3 NFA Manufacturer & Dealer

(813) 374-9131