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Today, I reviewed the Sig Sauer Blaser Tactical 2 precision rifle. The Tactical 2 is the most advanced version of the precision rifle developed by the German fire arms manufacturer designed specifically for the tactical community. The Tactical 2 rifle is a German take down sniper rifle used specifically by German and Dutch police forces as well as the Australian military and special police units. Over the past several years, it has increasingly grown in popularity with U.S. spec ops community.
Blaser Tactical 2 Precision Rifle Review
Each design element was driven by the requirement to create the best shooting platform possible. Exceptional accuracy was one of the key principles during development, with effective engagement ranges of 1500 meters or more, depending on the caliber and ammunition. These rifles are designed to fire small groups (sub 0.25 MOA) with factory match ammunition.  Advanced engineering and uncompromising quality are evident in every facet of design. The Tactical 2 is a bolt action rifle featuring Blaser’s revolutionary straight-pull action. When the bolt is closed, the 360 degree radial collet expands into the locking groove in the barrel - the bolt head is auto-centering and self-headspacing. The straight pull action features no rotating parts and assures rapid reloading with minimum movement. These actions allow for faster follow-up shots compared to traditional turn bolt actions.
Barrels are cold hammer forged, fluted and plasma-nitrided to provide maximum resistance against corrosion and abrasion. A Picatinny rail is affixed directly to the barrel, ensuring full compatibility with any optical sighting system. The design allows the barrel and optics to be removed as a fixed unit from the body of the rifle by simply unscrewing two hex bolts, accessed from under the body. Allowing the rifle to be taken down and carried in a compact fashion while keeping the optics and zero true to the barrel.  The rifle can be disassembled or reassembled easily in less than 20 seconds.
The Tactical 2 is available in .223 Remington, .308 Winchester, .300 Winchester Magnum, and .338 Lapua Magnum. It has a larger action and barrel to accommodate the use of the .338 Lapua Magnum chambering.

The safety catch is mounted on the rear of the bolt and reveals a large red dot when pushed forward and up to the "fire" position.  The magazines sit flush with the underside of the body when inserted. Calibers can be easily interchanged by replacing the barrel and bolt head, in under a minute, without any special tools and no change in accuracy.  The rifle can easily be converted for left or right hand shooters. 

7.62x51mm NATO (.308 Win) 6 mm Norma BR .243 Win. 7.5x55 .300 Win Mag .338 Lapua Mag

Straight pull bolt action

Scope Mount:   
Picatinny rail

5 or 4 round detachable box magazine depending on caliber

11.88lbs (5.4 kg) w/o optics

Chrome-Molybdeum-Nickel-Steel, thermally distressed, fluted. 1:11 6 groves

Barrel Length:  
23.6" (600mm), 30" (762mm) with extension.

First and second stage adjustable for weight, take up, and over travel. Trigger blade can be moved horizontally. Single-stage set at 1500g at the factory.  A two stage is available as an option.

Fully adjustable cheek piece. Aluminum stock with skeleton architecture. Butt-stock and forend finished in a black synthetic coating for grip.

Bipod, Muzzle brake, Butt stock trail spade, Mirage band
The rifle incorporates all of the necessary features, and includes some of the latest features which are nice to have like the adjustable stock and cheek rest. Other additions like the SAK muzzle-break (a must have if you don't intend to shoot suppressed or just want to intimidate others while shooting), and additional detachable magazines. All reports from the field indicate that this is a superb performing tactical rifle.
Exceptionally accurate and precise, even at long range, the Blaster Tactical 2 rifle is a product of the great minds at both SIGARMS and Blaser. Fully equipped with a silent, ambidextrous safety, this SIG ARMS rifle is packed with cutting edge technology.
SAK Muzzle Break
Blaser Tactical 2 w/Night Force NSX 8-32x56 tactical scope & Gemtech Quicksand titanium suppressor
I purchased my Tactical 2 last year chambered in .300 Win Mag and recently picked up a .338 Lapua barrel.   I added a Night Force NXS 8-32x56 illuminated tactical scope with DNZ Freedom Reaper mounts and Butler Creek flip-up covers and a Killflash ARD.  I had originally installed the SAK muzzle break, but later replaced it with a Gemteck Quickmount for my Quicksand Titanium suppressor.  This is by far the most accurate rifle in my collection.  I am easily capable of 1.25” groups at 500 yards and 2" at 800 yards.  I recently had the opportunity to use it during a game of sniper golf.  And I can honestly say that this is a very impressive weapon.  I'm really looking forward to pushing it out past the 1k mark.
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