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We have produced a limited number of Custom Saiga 12 Shotguns.  These are built on the Russian Imported Izhmash IZ109 Saiga 12 Shotgun.  Each shotgun has been fully converted and has the minimum modifications:

- Full AK Conversion
- Relocated Trigger Group
- New Hand Fitted and Polished G2 Trigger Group
- New Polished Stainless Steel Gas Piston
- Enlarge/Adjusted Gas Ports
- 6 Position Polished Gas Plug
- New Rear Trunnion
- Debur Receiver Contact Points
- Polished Bolt Contact Points
- Bolt Hold-Open Adjusted/Modified
- New Trigger Guard
- Hogue or SAW Grip Installed
- Mag Well Fitted For AGP Magazines & Drum For Smooth Fit And Function
- Factory Stock Replaced With Folder or AR Style Telescoping Stock
- Factory Rail Replaced With Quad Rail
- New Muzzle Device Installed

These are QUALITY builds
using Tromix,  DPH, and Tapco quality parts and are in very high demand.  Call us for pricing.  Pricing is based on the shotguns options.  We have different several styles and numerious options available.
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FFL/SOT - Class 3 NFA Manufacturer & Dealer

(813) 374-9131
9am-5pm Eastern
Credit Cards Accepted
Custom Gun Manufacturing
Gunsmithing & Machine Shop
We are a Class III NFA Tampa gun store, Gunsmith and firearms manufacturer.  Yes we have guns and firearms for sale.  We specialize in tactical weapons and tactical products like the AR-15, AR-9 "9mm AR (Glock & Colt)", .40 Cal AR, .45ACP AR, AR-10, AK-47, Saiga 12 shotgun, long range rifles, sniper rifles, hunting rifles, custom rifles, handguns, custom handguns (Glock, Sig Sauer, 1911's, etc.), gun parts, gun accessories, optics, ATF NFA items (machine guns, Short Barrel Rifles (SBR), Short Barrel Shotguns (SBS), Suppressors, gun coatings (Cerkote and hydrographic dipping). We are also a fully capable machine shop.
* * * Custom Converted Saiga 12 SALE * * *
Saiga Custom - Folding Stock
Saiga 12
* * * Custom Cerekoting  & Extreme Bolt Carrier Coatings * * *
We are a full service gunsmith & machine shop.  We offer custom Cerekote and Extreme Bolt Carrier Coatings.  Cerekote is a high temperature ceramic firearms coating that is oven cured.  Our Extreme Bolt Carrier Coating is also a high temp ceramic that is oven cured and protective to above 1600f and is self lubricating.
Stock BCG
Extreme Coated BCG Wear with coments
Extreme Coated BCG
Stock 9mm BCG
Extreme Coated 9mm BCG
This is an Extreme Coated 9mm BCG taken from one of our suppressed machineguns.  This bolt has over 50,000 rounds of use.  The more we use it, the more it seems to further burnish in the Extreme Coating and make the finish even more smooth.  This also greatly benefits the cleaning process.  You can literally wipe off the bolt and put it back in. We also provide the "Glock magazine Bolt Carrier Machining".
Here are a few shots of some of our Cerekoting jobs
* * * Sneak Peak at other things we are working on.  How do you make the AR9 shorter?  Well obviously you need to take it from the stock  - and that's just what we did.... * * *
AR9 New Stock
AR9 New Stock Extended Closeup
We have broke the code on converting the NEAG CCS stock to function with the AR9.  We are accepting pre-orders for the AR9 and AR15 versions.  These stocks are way cool and are the shortest configuration currently available for the AR platform.  They reduce the overall length by nearly 3".  They are constructed of CNC machined aluminum with steel extension guide rods and are rock solid.  We expect our first shipment in the next 3-4 weeks.  They are getting scooped up pretty fast so get your order placed today.  Stop by the shop if you would like to see one.
* * * We are accepting Pre-orders for our Signal Cannon's - GET EM WHILE YOU CAN * * *
We are taking pre-orders for our Signal Cannons.  This is a limited run. Call us to discuss your order.   If you ever wanted to own a quality cannon, now's your chance.